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Make your computer FASTER – Computer Tune Up
Our Computer Repair Services:
* Virus & Spyware/Spam Removal – We will take a look at your desktop or laptop, scan and determine the amount of viruses/spyware then clean and tune up into great working condition.
* Data Recovery – Have you deleted or trashed out something important or your hard drive or system is corrupt, well we can help.
* Data Backup or Transfer – if you are in the process of buying a new computer and want to transfer all you data from old to new or have files that need to go on discs we can help you.
* Software Install and Setup – Do you need to install a program that you are having a hard time doing, or need to setup a new program we can help.
* Hardware Install – Do you need more memory or a new sound card or new drives.
* Operating System Install – Have you lost you Windows or Mac discs we can help, we will re-install windows or mac using your previous own code to register.
* Networking – Are you looking to connect more than one computer together or attatch a printer or fax, we can network computers together for your business.
* Email Set up – Have email problems or have a software to manage email account we can troubleshoot so that all your emails or new emails are reaching you in time.
* Printer Repair and Setup – Having printer problems, we can take a look and determine the problem, either installing drivers or opening up the printer and troubleshooting, we can also setup your new printer to printer from many computers.
* System Restore or Upgrade– We can restore your system to when your computer was purchased or upgrade your operating system version, we also will do an install of patches and needed updates to keep you computer running smoothly and kept up to date.
* WiFi Setup – we can setup your home or business wireless connection and protect or create custom guest and admin accounts.Note: Software must be provided prior to install or updates.